Charleston Historic Preservation Commission

The Application for Historic Landmark Designation is the first step towards designating a building.  Once the Preservation Commission receives a nomination, it will make a preliminary determination of eligibility within 15 days, and then hold a public hearing to make a final determination.  Owners of listed properties will need to file a Certificate of Appropriateness form for any projects that will make significant changes to the historic features or character, or those that require a building permit, a demolition permit, or a moving permit.  These forms should be returned to the City Clerk at the Charleston City Hall.

The National Register of Historic Places is primarily an honorary distinction, recognizing the architectural or historic significance of a building, structure, or site.  This list is maintained by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Register accepts nominations of Illinois properties which are processed through the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.  Listing on the National Register does not interfere with individual property rights, nor does it prevent private property owners from making changes to their property.

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