Charleston Historic Preservation Commission

Contact Information: 

​●Deborah Muller
City Clerk City of Charleston
520 Jackson Avenue 
Charleston, IL 61920
​(217) 345-8426

Members of the Charleston Historic Preservation Commission

For recent agendas included on the City of Charleston's website click here.

The Charleston Historic Preservation Commission consists of seven (7) voting members, residents of the City of Charleston, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Non-voting, ex-officio members may be appoint to the Commission by the Mayor with the recommendation of the Commission Chair. Ex-officio members may serve any number of one-year terms and need not be residents of the City.

The members shall be appointed on the basis of expertise, experience or interest in the area of architectural history, building construction or engineering, finance, historical and architectural preservation, neighborhood associations, or real estate. 
​Current members of the Charleston HPC are:

Kit Morice, Chair
Giuliana Dongu, Vice-Chair
Merry Lichtenberger, Secretary
Bob Bertand
​Erin Alise Blitz
​Peter Quinn
Glena Starkey
Nora Pat Small, Ex-Officio
Matt Madigan, Ex-Officio